AidStream: Consortium Feature

Why AidStream Consortium Feature?

Many consortiums’ publishing practices are, the lead of the consortium publishes the consortium activities on behalf of all their members. However, members publishing all the necessary activities with required data themselves would result in better accountability and traceability.

Key benefits of the Consortium Feature

  • Keeps consortium-related activities separate from other activities
  • Saves time of lead to track its members’ activities’ status and data quality
  • Allows all members of the consortium to compare their data and information with each other from a shared space
  • Comes with unlimited activities publishing option and XLS templates to import them
  • Provides a common space to manage their own consortium-related activities and also view other members’ activities
  • Facilitates better tracking of activities published by consortium- lead org and other members of the consortium
  • Acts as an efficient mode of communication among all consortium members



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