AidStream: Consortium Feature

2 min readJul 18, 2022

Consortiums working to create greater impacts have greater responsibilities to publish their aid data to the IATI Registry. Having to work with multiple organisations to achieve a predefined set of goals is a challenging task. Even more challenging is to record complete projects’ data and publish their details in a timely manner to the IATI Registry.

Over a period of time, we have seen that the data published for a consortium is either not complete or not published timely, considering the fact that consortium member organisations may be operating in different parts of the world with different resources.

Why AidStream Consortium Feature?

Many consortiums’ publishing practices are, the lead of the consortium publishes the consortium activities on behalf of all their members. However, members publishing all the necessary activities with required data themselves would result in better accountability and traceability.

AidStream felt the need to provide consortium members with an easier and efficient way to publish their consortium related activities. Currently, IATI Standard provides a way to establish links between activities using a number of activity elements such as Transaction, Participating Organisation, Related Activity and so on.

With the new Consortium feature, organisations will be able to trace and track their own activities as well as their members’ activities. This ensures better collaboration and enhanced data quality. This feature provides an easy way to compare each other’s data for consortium members. Members can see (from one common space) all the activities that are entered on AidStream (in all phases- Draft, Completed, Verified, Published). This ensures complete and comprehensive data.

Key benefits of the Consortium Feature

  • Keeps consortium-related activities separate from other activities
  • Saves time of lead to track its members’ activities’ status and data quality
  • Allows all members of the consortium to compare their data and information with each other from a shared space
  • Comes with unlimited activities publishing option and XLS templates to import them
  • Provides a common space to manage their own consortium-related activities and also view other members’ activities
  • Facilitates better tracking of activities published by consortium- lead org and other members of the consortium
  • Acts as an efficient mode of communication among all consortium members

All the above listed benefits saves time and effort at consortium members’ end when publishing their IATI data. Another distinct feature that AidStream is working on is to provide a way for lead organisations and all member organisations of a consortium to view the Result and Transaction elements conveniently.




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