AidStream: Flowing towards transparency

Interest in the importance of transparency in every field of work has increased significantly over the years.

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) is a voluntary, multi-stakeholder initiative that seeks to encourage a wide variety of agencies to improve the quality and transparency of their aid data, and its effectiveness in tackling poverty.

The initiative’s aim is to get the donors’ and recipients’ governments or development organisations to engage in the aid process more efficiently. It promotes the ability of recipient governments to effectively plan their budget expenditures. In addition, it also allows stakeholders in both donor and recipient countries to get clear opinion, and better insight about using the data for decision making.

To help achieve IATI’s goals of making aid data open and transparent through a user-friendly platform, is AidStream’s goal.

AidStream is an easy and user-friendly online tool that allows global development organisations to enter all the required IATI’s data into the IATI registry.

With AidStream, over 1000 development organisations have published their aid data into the IATI registry, facilitating greater information about aid to the media and citizens to hold the responsible governments accountable for how the aid is used.

We understand the complexities that non-technical users face with XML file management/handling. Hence, we built AidStream to assist on your organisations’ journey to become ‘aid-data-transparent’, hassle-free!

With all the required elements as required by the IATI standard categorised clearly, publishing your aid data is now as easy as filling up a form.

Come join AidStream on its flow towards transparency!

Keeping the spirit of transparency alive since 2013.