AidStream User Training for Count Me In! (CMI!)

AidStream is a user-friendly online tool that allows global development organisations to publish their aid data according to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Standard. Using a new system is always daunting. It takes some time and effort to get around the system and get acquainted with it. We value our users’ time and effort so we do not leave them to figure out the system for themselves. For the same reasons, we introduced a training service for our users.

AidStream has been actively conducting user training for the past year. The objective of the training is to familiarise the users with the basics of the AidStream system and IATI Guidelines. Our training is targeted to new users as well as old users so that they can reap maximum benefits from the system and of course, to make their data publishing journey easier.

On March 23, 2022 AidStream’s team of experts held a user training session for a consortium- Count Me In! (CMI!). CMI!’s consortium members attended the training from different countries- France, Nepal, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, and UK. The trainers were our team of experts from AidStream — Anjesh Tuladhar (Anjesh Tuladhar), AidStream Project Lead, Marina Joshi (Marina Joshi), AidStream Business Analyst, and Bibha Tandukar (Bibhs), AidStream Communication Associate.

From left: Anjesh presenting on IATI and AidStream; Marina demonstrating manual data update; Bibha demonstrating filling data on XLS.

The training was divided into three sub-sessions. The first sub-session was conducted by Anjesh where he gave an overview of IATI Standard and IATI’s ecosystem. The second sub-session was conducted by Marina. She gave an onboarding of AidStream, followed by demonstration of feeding data on AidStream manually — via form. The last sub-session was held by Bibha. She gave an introduction to AidStream PRO features and demonstrated importing data to AidStream with the help of XLS files.

Overall, the training was pretty interactive. Our users were actively putting forward their queries and were patient throughout! You can book a training session with us from our website or reach out to us at




Keeping the spirit of transparency alive since 2013.

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Keeping the spirit of transparency alive since 2013.

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