Consortium Feature: Explained!

3 min readFeb 16, 2022

We launched a Custom feature called Consortium in December 2021. This feature is suitable for lead organisations as well as member organisations of one or more consortiums.

On this blog, we’ll explain the workflow of the feature from the lead organisations point of view.

Registering a New Consortium

You will be directed to the following page wherein you can enter all necessary information about the consortium.

After filling in the information, click on the ‘Create Consortium’ button and a request to create the consortium will be sent to AidStream.

After the Consortium Gets Registered

Main Consortium Dashboard

After the consortium is created, it will be listed on the Main Consortium Dashboard. New consortium can be added with the ‘Add Consortium’ button as seen below. The steps as shown above in the ‘Registering a New Consortium’ will be repeated.

Consortium Dashboard

Your Activities

List of all the consortium related activities that your organisation has published. You can manage your activities from this page.

Import Activities

In addition to adding activities manually, we have another feature to make your data publishing journey more easier. The Import feature allows you to import CSV, XLS, and XML files as well. Import XLS is also a PRO feature.

Members’ Activities

List of all the consortium related activities that the consortium member organisations have published. You can only view the members’ activities from this page. Activities (in any stage) — Draft, Completed, Verified, and Published can be viewed from this page.

Consortium Profile

Lead organisations can edit their profile, manage consortium members, and delete consortiums.

A Few Things to Remember:

  • You can also view the consortium activities from the main activity view page. A tag with the consortium’s name will identify the consortium’s activity. (refer to the picture below)
  • You cannot remove the lead organisation, but can change/edit the lead organisation
  • You can delete members from the ‘Manage Members’ option in the Consortium Profile.




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