Introducing Donor Compliance Marker Feature on AidStream

Fig. 1 & 2: FCDO compliance marker (left) and NL MFA compliance marker.

At AidStream, we are committed to continuous improvement. We have launched a new feature “Donor Compliance Marker”. Currently, the feature is specific to organisations funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NL MFA).

Both FCDO and NL MFA ensure that the data they publish comply with the Publishing Guidelines set by them. This feature will allow the system to provide users with a list of missed data (if any) that they can correct and complete before publishing to the IATI Registry. It is a perfect solution for organisations to meet the publishing requirement set by the FCDO and NL MFA. This feature is one of the newly added features of AidStream PRO.

The publishing guidelines of FCDO as well as NL MFA has been made available for both our free and PRO users. The guidelines are accessible with the ‘FCDO Guidelines’ and ‘NL MFA Guidelines’ buttons at the top right hand side of the activity page (as shown in Fig. 3 & 4).

Fig. 3 & 4: FCDO Guidelines (left) and NL MFA Guidelines buttons.

When clicked on, a pop-up box will appear with the guideline(as shown in Fig. 5 & 6). The pop-up can be expanded and opened in a new page for convenience (as shown in Fig. 7 & 8).

Fig. 5 & 6: NL MFA publishing guidelines pop-up (left) and FCDO publishing guidelines pop-up.

We are hoping that our users will find these Donor compliance marker feature very useful. Please leave us comments and suggestions if there are any.

Contributors: Joshi, Marina; Tandukar, Bibha




Keeping the spirit of transparency alive since 2013.

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Keeping the spirit of transparency alive since 2013.

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