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4 min readNov 17, 2021

Over the years, the AidStream team has witnessed significant growth and diversity. AidStream started with 5 members and has grown to 11 members as of November 2021 which included 5 core members.

This blog is dedicated to introducing our team members to our users. Our core team consists of 5 members while experts in Design and Front-end engineering come in whenever necessary.

Core Team: The life of AidStream!


Anjesh Tuladhar: Anjesh (Anjesh Tuladhar)is the heart and soul of AidStream. AidStream came to life because of our project lead Anjesh Tuladhar’s passion for data transparency. Anjesh has been with AidStream since the very beginning, he continues to lead the team with his expertise and enthusiasm. He’s a doting father and an excellent leader.


Bibek Mani Acharya: Bibek aka Manibibek (Mani Bibek Acharya), a Software Engineer by profession is our tech lead. He has been with us for over two years now. Apart from being the backbone of AidStream, he has the voice of a nightingale and will make you swoon with his melodies. He’s a budding vlogger and a promising futsal star.


Sanil Manandhar: Sanil (Sanil Manandhar) is a fresh Computer Engineering grad working in AidStream as backend engineer. When he’s not fixing bugs and coding, he enjoys kicking back with a good movie, series, anime or gaming. He’s a huge foodie and likes playing guitar occasionally. He also likes playing football and swimming to remain active.


Marina Joshi: Marina (Marina Joshi) is the newest member of AidStream. She has joined our team as the Business Analyst. She brings years of managerial experience and expertise to the team. She’s a yoga enthusiast, a meditator, and enjoys occasional hiking. She loves expressing her thoughts and emotions via poetry.


Bibha Tandukar: Bibha (Bibhs) has been with us since December 2020. She’s the bridge between AidStream and AidStream users. An introvert by nature, she enjoys reading during her spare time, getting lost within words. She is also an excellent home cook and occasionally indulges in creative writing.

Design Team: Our creative heads!


Anjan Shrestha: Anjan (anjhero) is a seasoned designer, he is the lead of AidStream’s design team. He’s a photography enthusiast who has a knack for capturing nature at its best. He’s a design junkie who absolutely loves creating new patterns and designs. He maintains an Instagram account called Buttaharu where he posts seamless pattern designs everyday.


Rohit Shrestha: Rohit (Rohit Shrestha)is a Front-end Engineer with a diverse experience in UI/UX. He specializes in problem solving solutions and conceptualizing high quality, on-trend designs and user interface. Rohit has been an integral part of AidStream’s product and platform redesigning.


Shreya Baidya: Shreya (Shreya Baidya) is a UI/UX Designer. She loves the process of catering to users’ needs and expressing herself via designing. She’s an avid foodie and loves travelling and trekking. She’s a firm believer of the quote ‘this too shall pass’.

Front-end Team: Our Lifelines!


Nirajan Basnet: Nirajan Basnet (Nirazan Basnet) is a Front-end Engineer with over 6 years of front-end experience and passion for building web components, responsive website design. He develops functional and appealing web and mobile based components and implements UI/UX specifications and solutions. He’s a social butterfly who loves playing football, mobile games, traveling, and exploring new cuisines.


Dhondup Lama: Dhondup (dhondup), our Front-end Engineer works on front-end techs like HTML, CSS, and Javascript with a focus on responsive design. When he’s not busy coding, he grooms his artistic side by sketching, listening to music, and playing the guitar.


Sanjiv Chaudhary: Sanjiv (Sanjiv Chaudhary) is the newest addition to our front-end team. He has a passion for responsive website design and is a firm believer of the mobile-first approach. He’s a foodie who loves playing games online and riding bikes.

There you have it! Our dedicated team who have made AidStream possible! Kudos to the team for the recent launch of the new and improved system.




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