What’s New on AidStream?

Introducing the ‘What’s New’ Feature

2 min readJun 21, 2022

The AidStream team is constantly working to bring new features and further enhance User Interface (UI) and User eXperience (UX). Numerous updates have been made on the system in light of enhancing UI/UX , but how will the users stay informed about it?

While we had been sending an email regarding the updates to our users informing them about the changes on AidStream. The need was felt to inform users about the changes upfront so that they not only know about the changes, they can learn the significance of it.

That’s where the What’s New? feature comes in. The What’s New? feature includes a screenshot of the new feature along with a description of the feature (as seen in Fig. 1). After a new feature has been added, the What’s New? slider will appear on the screen in the first login.

Fig. 1: What’s New Slider as seen on first login after the addition of new feature.

The pictures can be clicked to expand (As shown in Fig. 2) for conveniece.

On the logins after, the feature will be available to view according to the user’s preference with a click of a button. A loudspeaker icon is available at the top of the page (as shown in Fig. 3).

Fig. 3: ‘What’s New’ button.




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